Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's been a while...

For anyone still following this Blog, I'm now employed as the Game Systems Designer for Riot Games, currently working on the Summoner's Rift updates.

This has eaten away most of my educational time. What topic would you like to hear about if I can buy the time to do it?


  1. I have particularly enjoyed your stories of working on actual game design issues. As both a WoW player and a (UI) designer, those stories are quite interesting. Not knowing game design well enough, I couldn't suggest specific topics, so I'm just mentioning the type of posts of yours that I'd like to read more of.

  2. It certainly has been awhile, that's okay though!

    I'd personally really enjoy hearing about the transition from boss designer to whatever it is exactly you do at Riot (as far as Game Systems Designer goes it leaves a lot to be explained, more so when you consider that Riot has a track record that lets their employees help in other areas)

    The Up's the Down's the interesting and the terrible!

    All in all I'm just excited to read some more haha.

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  4. I'd love to hear your thought process as you work on something, like step by step as you do things, and how you approach a problem. Like more general work process than what you actually work on.