Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Touch of Values

I've recently been inspired by the words of a highly observant man to reflect upon myself and what I do what I do.  His name is Simon Sinek and if you haven't seen his TED talk, if you are person who believes in deeply understanding what connects you to your players, it will be worth the 10 minutes of your time to see his free talk at the end of this post.

My Values


I believe that life experiences are meant to be shared, if humanity is to grow. 
I believe that the best games to be created have yet to be crafted. 
I believe that to have a future rich in experiences I can enjoy, I need to share the lessons that have gotten me this far. 
I believe that you are a person of patience, insight and reflection who can grow faster if you reflect on my mistakes. 


By openly accepting my mistakes and by expressing my feelings - be them proud, humble or erratic, I will become better at sharing who I am with the many people who've intersected with my life. 

By breaking down and reflecting upon past lessons, I will more thoroughly understand what I've actually done. 

By praising the others who've taught me lessons, I will remember how vital the little guiding nudges of a good working environment can transform a life. 

By discussing the stories that helped me become who I am, I will help shatter the myth that good game design is a product of magic, not hard work and forgiven mistakes.


I happen to be writing blog posts and making video games. Care to check them out?

Simon Sinek

What are your own values?

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  1. Thanks for the link, I thought it was pretty inspiring. As I reflect on it, I think even my activity here demonstrates those points. Even more than because of personal support (what), I'm here because I want to learn about game design (how) and how to bring people closer with communication through games (why).